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IRON048: BLACK ROSE-Walk it how you Talk it CD + DVD (30th Anniversary Edition)

OUT November 2017

30th Anniversary edition of the Black Rose second album from 1987. Includes as bonus tracks the 1985 EP Nightmare and a DVD with a live performance in the mid 80s. Black Rose were icons of the NWOBHM and this is the first time this album is reissued on CD. This is a British melodic Metal classic not to be missed! 

IRON047: CENTURION-Cross and Black - 30th Anniversary Edition CD £12

For the first time on CD, we present the 30th anniversary edition of this cult U.S. Metal album!  Centurion were the brainchild of Cleveland Metal legend Dave Felton (Mushroomhead, Integrity, etc.) and they only released this lone album privately pressed back in 1987. This CD edition includes band history, rare pictures, lyrics and the two exclusive bonus tracks from the rare compilations Northcoast Steel and Convicted to the Avant Garde. 

IRON046: TYRANT-King of Kings (20th Anniversary Edition) CD+DVD £14

Classic U.S. Power Metal band TYRANT, that were a household name on the Metal Blade label in the 80s, along with Slayer, Trouble, etc. released later on in the mid 90s a new album in a german label called King of Kings. A few years back, it was reissued on CD with live bonus tracks and on vinyl with different cover art. Now Blood & Iron releases the ultimate reissue with a bonus DVD. For the first time the cover art was done like the band originally intended. Included were 5 bonus tracks (Dio, Motorhead, Sabbath etc. cover versions) recorded in the 90s and a DVD including a TV show in a cable TV in 1990 plus two bootleg recorded shows in 1985 (opening for Slayer) and 1992. On this third album the band matures to a more Doom influenced sound where the Sabbath influence is more evident and could match perfectly with the sound of ex-labelmates Trouble. 

IRON045: TYTAN-Rough Justice LP PACK (Limited edition to 100 copies)

(LP replica + DVD in cardboard cover + Cassette with BBC bonus tracks + Poster/insert packed in a tote bag with silver TYTAN logo) £30 (Last 5 copies!!)

+ 200 copies of the LP only (Regular Version) OUT OF PRINT!

IRON044: RAVEN BLACK NIGHT-Metal Martyrs - Anthology 2000-2009 DOUBLE CD £14

RAVEN BLACK NIGHT are not anymore the best kept Metal secret from Australia, after the second album was released in the best Metal label in the planet (Metal Blade). They're simply one of the best Metal bands coming out of their territory…past, present and probably future too! 

Their formula revolves around Epic Heavy Metal, Doom and 70's Priest. This double CD collection presents their pre-Metal Blade days: the debut self-released album in 2004 "Choose the Dark", two compilation tracks, one unreleased song from the "Barbarian Winter" and on the second CD their demo collection from 2000 to 2009. Presented in a 20-page booklet filled with photos, lyrics and band artwork (including the original cover art of Choose the Dark on the last booklet page for the purists) and demos remastered for better sound quality, this release is another winner in the Blood & Iron catalogue. 

IRON043: WEAPON (UK)-Set the Stage Alight - 35th Anniversary Edition CD 


Re-release of the long time out of print CD "Set the Stage Alight", containing all their early recordings. The band is back in action with a new album behind them, so the time is right to have available again the "Set the Stage Alight" anthology. This 35th Anniversary Edition will be presented in a 20 page booklet with band history, lyrics, many rare photos and two live bonus tracks with the original line up after the band reforming.

IRON042: BLACK ROSE-Boys will be Boys CD 


For the very first time on CD, Black Rose first album "Boys Will Be Boys", originally released in 1984, on the Bullet label (Le Griffe, Traitors Gate, Pretty Maids,etc.). Includes as bonus tracks, the exclusive B side of the "Boys will be boys" single ("Liar") and the 1983 self-titled 12"EP songs. Completed with 20-page booklet with lyrics, band photos of the era and liner notes by Steve Bardsley himself, this is a CD issue that was much anticipated for a long time. The wait is over! Limited edition of 500 copies.

IRON041: FORCE-Discography 1981-1984 CD £10 (co-release with Lost Realm Records) 

80s female fronted Heavy Rock/Doom Metal with Al Morris III (of Iron Man fame) on guitar. Force were formed in 1977 and their debut self-titled EP was released in 1981. The band later called themselves Cheri Blade for a short period until disbanded in 1984. This anthology includes all the demos of Cheri Blade and Force, plus the EP. These demos were released in the early 90s on vinyl in a small Maryland label. None of these recordings were ever released on CD, so this is the first time its happening, under close supervision of Mr. Alfred Morris III, the true grandfather of Maryland Doom! Includes booklet with Al Morris liner notes, lyrics and vinyl artwork. 

IRON040: WAKAS-Metal de los Dioses 12"EP £9 Limited edition of 300 Copies (co-release with Lost Realm)

New Peruvian band WAKAS, are a breath of fresh air in the underground Heavy Metal scene, with their mystical dark Heavy/Doom Metal sung in their native language. This is their first recording previously released on cassette, issued now on vinyl with exclusive cover art. The lyric content deals with their ancient pre-Hispanic Pagan Inca mythology. Musically they melt influences of Cirith Ungol, Pentagram and local heroes Sentencia.   

IRON039: CARRION-Evil is There Demo LP Limited edition hand-numbered to 250 copies (co-release with Weird Face Prods. and Kill Yourself Prods.)


Cult Thrash Metal from Switzerland, this demo was recorded one year before the album "Evil is There" (released in 1986), expect raw deadly aggression even more lethal than the album! This studio demo of 10 songs and one intro contains 4 non-LP tracks and we also included a second version of "Carrion" (one of the non lp tracks), an album rough mix from 86. Carrion has a lot of similarities with some of the best German Thrash bands of the era, specially Kreator. How can a band sound so similar to the Pleasure to Kill album without copying Kreator (these songs were recorded before PTK came out) it seems a case of like minded twisted maniacs with a mission to deliver the most vicious Thrash heard from that period. Hand-numbered to 250 copies. 

IRON038: TYTAN-Rough Justice (30th Anniversary Edition) CD+DVD

With BBC bonus tracks and DVD with a full live set in 1982, pro shot multicam recording.


Formed in 1981 by ex-ANGEL WITCH members Kevin Riddles and Dave Dufort, they had among their line up, other notable musicians like Kal Swan (future Lion singer), Les Binks (ex-Judas Priest/Lionheart) and Simon Wright (ex-AC/DC/Dio). Due to the Kamaflage bankrupcy, TYTAN found themselves without label and it was too late when finally "Rough Justice" was released on another label (called Metal Masters) after three years of the single "Blind Men and Fools" causing a big impression among the British Metal fans and press. The band by this time was finished and Kal was on the States with Kevin giving the first steps as Lion. This album is highly regarded as one of the best 80s British Heavy Metal LPs, recorded in the tail end of the NWOBHM. A classic and timeless album of fine songwriting from the golden era of British Steel. 

This 30th Anniversary reissue presents for the first time on CD the album lyrics, plus band photos from the era through a 20-page booklet. Like the 2006 limited reissue, includes the BBC Session "Friday Rock Show" from March 1982 bonus tracks and a bonus DVD with a full show in London, 1982 recorded on pro-multicam. Like most of our releases, it is limited to 500 copies.   

IRON037: AXEL-Visions of Tomorrow (89/90 Demo & Unreleased) CD £9  

(co-release with Lost Realm)

Part 2 of the Axel biography:

"As the original Axel band fell apart in 1987, guitarist and the only remaining original member Stefaan Lambrecht formed a new “Axel”. At the end of ’87 the band consisted of singer Chris De Grom, drummer Franky Vandenbergh, bassplayer Dominique De Vos, guitarists Frank Deroubaix and Stefaan Lambrecht. This new version of Axel had a more heavy direction and was very energetic on stage. In ’88 the band proved to be still alive and kickin’ and built a strong live reputation. New material was being written all the time, so Axel was anxious to record these songs in the studio. But not before a new member came into the band.

At the end of ’88 drummer Franky Vandenbergh left the band and was replaced by the then 17 year old Peter De Bosschere. 

With the help of producer Steef Verwee, six song were recorded in February 1989 for the demo tape “Visions Of Tomorrow”. The tape was well received and a small tour through Belgium and Holland followed. But it became clear that not everyone in the band was happy with the musical direction at the time. The last original member Stefaan left the band as the rest of the band wanted to go on. As a quartet the band went into the studio to record a full album with producer Steef Verwee, the songs were there but it was not quite clear under what name.

By then it was the beginning of 1990, the band did a few gigs as “Axel” and went looking for a record company but no deal was ever signed. After some time the stamina and ardour was out of the band and with no one left from the original band it was decided to pull the plug and call it a day. Later it was agreed that Frank Deroubaix could use some of the unreleased Axel recordings for the “Shannah” project but that’s another story…"

Presented in a 12-page booklet with lyrics and rare pictures, this CD represents the later stage of Axel from the 1989 Demo "Visions of Tomorrow" plus the unreleased 1990 album.

IRON036: AXEL-The Savage Axe Demos 83-86 DOUBLE CD £12

(co-release with Lost Realm) 

Axel biography…how it all started:

"Inspired by their idols Kiss, two childhood friends Stefaan Lambrecht (guitar / vocals) and Ben Smeesters (guitar / leadvocals) form the Belgian band Axel. A bunch of songs were written by Stefaan and Ben before drummer Filip Zahirovic and bassplayer Frank Jacobs joined the band.

The first gig in 1982 didn’t pass unnoticed, on a local festival they were proclaimed to be the loudest band. The first recordings happened with two new musicians. Lead guitarist Benny Bulté and bassplayer Wim Neirinck joined Axel and the first demo “Attack I” was a fact. March 1984 founding member Ben Smeesters left the band because of personal reasons. A new singer, Jerry Vanschelvergem, came in to record the second demo “Effort II”. In 1985 the song “Money” appeared on the compilation album “Speed Metal Hell” by the American record label New Renaissance and was followed by the new demo “We Won’t Give Up”. In the same year yet another song, “Sweet Burning Angel”, appeared on the compilation EP “Metal Power V” on the Dutch Iceman label. The band got very well known in Belgium and Holland through a lot of shows in clubs and local festivals. Unfortunately the singer got some difficulties with his vocal chords by the intensity of gigs, so he had to leave in the summer of 1986. He got replaced by the new lead singer Denis Nagels, this man had a very powerful voice and this led to a more Heavy Metal style of music. In November 1986 they went into a professional studio in Brussels to record 5 new songs (the renowned “24-track” demo). A new musical highlight for Axel that gave them the opportunity for a record deal but the band did split up and no album has ever been released."

Remastered and restored by Frank Deroubaix himself (Axel/Shannah) and presented in a 12-page booklet with some lyrics, rare pictures and memorabilia, this double CDs compiles all the demos from the first era of the band, from the rawer Hard Rock of the first demo to the much refined Heavy Metal in the vein of Ostrogoth of their 86 Demo. A true testimony of the golden era of Belgian Steel!

IRON035: SHANNAH-Endless (25th Anniversary Edition) CD £9 (co-release with Lost Realm)

AXEL guitarist Frank Deroubaix, joined female singer Conny Visschers and formed SHANNAH after AXEL disbanded. Under this moniker, they created a Belgian masterpiece of melodic Heavy Metal with female vocals, through the privately pressed MINI LP "Endless". However, the times were not good anymore for a classic melodic Heavy Metal band. Specially in Belgium. Thrash was already established, Death/Black have taken over and they were too late for the Hair Metal craze (Grunge was in), so the record failed to have any impact. So it's time to make justice to the short SHANNAH legacy and give to the Euro Metal/Melodic Metal fans this gem. This expanded edition besides the very rare MINI LP (which sells usually for high values), also includes the 1993 demo. Released for the first time on CD, it includes a 12 page booklet with band history, lyrics, photos of the band and memorabilia and is remastered by the man himself, Frank Deroubaix. 

IRON034: RAMSES-The Secrets of Faith in Rebirth (Anthology) CD £9 (co-release with Lost Realm)

After AXEL disbanded in 1991, Stefaan Lambrecht formed RAMSES. In 1993 they have released in a small Belgian label their only album "Faith in Rebirth" impossible to find nowadays. In 1997 they record a few songs to release an EP that never came out since the band finished activity. The 90's were a rough period for any traditional Heavy Metal band, to make even worse they were from Belgium, which at the time was dead, compared to the great Metal scene they had back in the 80s. We think its the right time to bring you collectors of Euro-melodic Metal, the short legacy of Ramses. 12 Page booklet includes lyrics, band history and photos of the band and memorabilia. 

IRON033: LOST BREED-World of Power - The Lost 1989 Album CD £9

Eric "Ike" Baestlein, the mainman behind Blind Legion,  Lost Breed and Cardiac Noose, dug deep on his personal vault and discovered this precious gem for all the old school Doom fans! After Wino left the band in 1989 and Gary Tocco (Blind Legion singer) joined briefly the band, they recorded songs for the Desert Fox/No Hope single plus some more songs that would be for the supposed first Lost Breed album. The tape was shelved and forgotten after they found a permanent singer and got a deal with Hellhound Records in 1993 for their first album "The Evil Between you and me".  These 12 songs include not only the 1989 self released 7" songs but the Wino Daze demo songs with different lyrics sung by Tocco, except two of them by another singer who was with the band for a short time only. Some of these songs were later reworked with different lyrics for the debut Hellhound album. Needless to say, this is the best period of the band and a must-have in any decent Doom Metal collection! Presented in a 16 page booklet with many rare photos and detailed band history from that early period. 

IRON032: TYRANT-Too Late to Pray - Expanded Edition CD


California's TYRANT were formed in the late 70s, but their first demos came in 82. The band signed to Metal Blade in 83 and in 85 their debut album "Legions of the Dead" assaulted the most dedicated metalheads ears in North America, then spreading all over the globe, earning a solid fanbase in Europe. After 2 years of successful sales and live shows with other popular bands such as Slayer, Agent Steel, etc., the band records the follow-up album "Too Late to Pray" with more evident Doom influences contrasting with their prototype Power/Thrash sound they shaped in their debut album "Legions of the Dead".

For a long time that this album was not released on CD in europe, so Blood & Iron decided to work directly with founder and Bass Player Greg May to deliver an expanded edition with rare bonus tracks taken from their first studio demo (recorded October 13th, 1982) and second studio recording in 1983, delivering the first version of "Battle of Armageddon" available originally on the world famous Metal Massacre compilation LP (volume III). 

The graphic content was also carefully put together through 24 pages, with many rare photos, memorabilia pics and an extensive biography written by Greg himself with all the information that fans want to know. 

IRON031: TYRANT-Legions of the Dead - 30th Anniversary Edition CD


California's TYRANT were formed in the late 70s, but their first demos came in 82. The band signed to Metal Blade in 83 and in 85 their debut album "Legions of the Dead" assaulted the most dedicated metalheads ears in North America, then spreading all over the globe, earning a solid fanbase in Europe. The Album was during two months in Kerrang Magazine Top 10 Import Albums and got rave reviews everywhere. Their sound could be compared with other labels successful acts such as Trouble and Omen but in a league of their own, Tyrant cemented their own style (image included) which some like to call "Apocalyptic Metal".

For a long time that this album was not released on CD in europe, so Blood & Iron decided to work directly with founder and Bass Player Greg May to deliver an expanded 30th year anniversary edition with rare bonus tracks taken from their first rehearsal demo recorded on the 3rd October, 1982. This demo has 7 tracks and it was transferred only very recently, from 2" Reel Tape, directly to digital to be featured for the first time as an anniversary present from the band and the label to the fans.

The graphic content also was carefully put together through 24 pages, with many rare photos, memorabilia pics and an extensive biography written by Greg himself with all the information that fans want to know. 

IRON030: MIDNIGHT MESSIAH-The Root of all Evil LP £10

Paul Taylor and Phil Denton after finished the NWOBHM cult band ELIXIR (popular for their debut album "Son of Odin" which many consider one of the greatest post-NWOBHM gems) opened a new chapter with MIDNIGHT MESSIAH. In the Blood & Iron realm, we see this brilliant debut album as one of the best British Steel releases in many years! So we thought this one had to be out on our favourite format. Midnight Messiah seem to catch where Son of Odin left off, a true modern day answer to the 1986 classic but at the same time with their own identity, given the perfect balance between the youthful energy of younger members and the know-how of the songwriting veteran duo of Paul & Phil. The future of British Heavy Metal shines on!


The cult NWOBHM London band returns with a brand new stellar release! 5 tracks presented on the MINI CD self released by the band last year and one exclusive vinyl track which is a long instrumental track where the band explores their 70s influences. Vinyl cover art different than the CD, including a lyric insert.
Metal Man will be their new anthem!  

IRON028: DAWNRIDER-The Third Crusade LP PICTURE DISC £13 (split release with Raging Planet and Chaosphere) LIMITED TO 300 COPIES ONLY! Includes Card Insert.

After a decade of existence their best album to date is finally out. The Third Crusade is the third studio album recorded throughout 2013 with the previous line-up and later on added contributions of the new line up. The band has to date several Split eps and one official live bootleg album apart from the studio albums. The last studio album called Two came out in 2009, now 5 years after, we see a new band with the best original ingredients but with so much more to add in these new songs. Comprised of 6 songs plus one instrumental (as its usual in their albums), The Third Crusade starts with Demons, an epic doom song of 10 minutes and one of their best songs ever. Then you have the mysterious Falling, Cry of the Vampyre in the best Italian Horror Doom style (this song is a tribute to Paul Chain and early Death SS), Iron Freebird (the instrumental) with a slight Wino guitar-signature, Absolute Power (an anti-government anthem embracing a darker Doom environment making remember a bit the 2011 song of the Split 12” with Apostle of Solitude); Next is Esperança, a Portuguese language sung song very melodic and dark, which at this stage of the album you’ll have the idea of the typical Dawnrider sound of current times: Dark, melodic and epic. The album end with Marching to the Death, a mid-paced song, tribute to Voivod and Piggy (RIP). The lyric is made of Voivod song titles and has their Doom signature mixed with Piggy guitar style. In general we see a band that evolved to a six piece line up (keyboards and 2 guitars again), the end result being a more dark progressive Doom band and less psychedelic and harsher like in the past. Fans of bands like Black Hole, Mercy, Candlemass, Paul Chain, Coven 13 and Seasons of the Wolf will rejoice!

Iron027: HARLET-25 gets a Ride LP


U.S. Power Metal led by Todd Michael Hall (Burning Starr/Riot). Ultra rare private CD release from 1988, now remastered with the 1990 demo as bonus for the first time on vinyl! A must for fans of Crimson Glory, Helstar and Lizzy Borden. Includes full color insert and promo photo. Limited to 300 copies.
IRON026: BLIND LEGION-Much too Fast - The Anthology 1983/86 LP £11

NY Heavy/Speed Metal that Blood and Iron reissued in 2008 on CD, is now again available but this time on our favorite format!
New artwork, new layout, new improved remaster containing the two studio Demos plus the Legion 7" + Blitzkrieg track from 83, both earlier incarnations of Blind Legion. 300 made. Includes insert and promo photo.

IRON025: LOST BREED-Bow Down CD £7 (Split Release with Metal Soldiers Records)

Unreleased recordings from this Californian Doom/Heavy Rock cult band of the late 80s with ex-Blind Legion members that had in the late 80s, Wino on vocals ("Wino Daze - Demo 89"). Recorded between 1995 and 2000, this was supposed to be their third album.
17 tracks in total.

Disclaimer: Wrong cat. nr. printed on the inlay spine (Iron026).

IRON024: SACRED STEEL-Anthology 1984-94 CD (split release with Metal Soldiers Records)


Chicago's unsigned Heavy Metal titans, finally have released their much deserved anthology. Included are the Sacred Steel demos from 1984 (first song "Breakin you Down" was used for the "Chicago Metal Works Battalion 2" being the only vinyl appearance of the band), 4 live songs (one of the songs never recorded in studio) and the VAMPIRE self released EP which was a later reincarnation of Sacred Steel in 1994. A must for any fan of the U.S. Proto-Power sound like Medieval Steel, Glacier, Salem's Wych, etc. Booklet filled with band history, lyrics and rare photos.

Disclaimer: Song 5 "Runnin from the Night" has a 2 seconds cut in the middle of the song. The only source available of this ultra rare recording was damaged so it is not a pressing defect. We decided to include the song as is, because it is the only recorded version in existence.

Iron023: CROWHAVEN-Emotional Adjustment LP (split release with Metal Soldiers Records) FIRST PRESS ON BLACK VINYL SOLD OUT. Second Press White Vinyl Limited to 200 copies available: £11

1986 cult private press mega rarity of U.S. Steel finally on vinyl! Presented in it's original sleeve, remastered with one bonus track, this is an essential arcane gem for fans of Legend, Dark Starr, Angel of Mercy, etc. Like the original, this press is only limited to 300 copies! Includes full color insert plus original xerox-insert repro. Second press on white vinyl doesn't include the xerox insert only the colour insert.

SECOND PRESS OF 200 COPIES ON WHITE VINYL: Copies vary from plain white and white with a few grey/brown sparks. If you have preference state in your order please.


Grey Marble/Speckled Vinyl handnumbered to 8 copies in the label. Includes A3 Poster, 50x50cm Cloth-Poster and cassette with 2 rare songs from an 84 demo. Price for each copy: 25£

White with Grey speckles Vinyl handnumbered to 8 copies in the label. Includes A3 Poster and cassette with 2 rare songs from an 84 demo. Price for each copy: 18£


IRON022: NITRO-Volatile Activity LP £9 (black vinyl) / £12 (blue - last few copies) (split release with Metal Soldiers Records)

U.S. 80s Metal from Pennshylvania, famous for their european release "Lethal + II" on the Mausoleum label back in 84. These are the 1987 pre-
production tapes for a never released album project. For fans of Twisted Sister, Wild Dogs or more obscure U.S. Hardrocking Metal like Firstryke and Leather Nunn. 400 copies on black vinyl and 100 om blue vinyl. 

IRON021: CARDIAC NOOSE-Girl Named Misery CD £6 (split release with Metal Soldiers Records)

Cardiac Noose were born out of the ashes of LOST BREED (NY Doom Rock who were on Hellhound records in the 90s and where Wino sang before the band recorded the first album).  Cardiac Noose has two members (Eric “Ike” Baestlein and John “Rippers” Rapp) known for not only having had LOST BREED, but also the New York 80’s Heavy/Speed Metal band BLIND LEGION (which Blood & Iron released the 7” + demos on CD a few years ago and pretty soon the vinyl revamped version). When Lost Breed disbanded in the late 90’s, for a short time they were known as the Vengeance Brothers and later on, they changed name to CARDIAC NOOSE. In 2007, the first album sees the light of day self-released by the band. In 2009 it’s time for another self released album and the band starts to be motivated to drop the self release plans and find a proper label. Since Blood & Iron and Metal Soldiers were interested in releasing the LOST BREED unreleased album on CD and the BLIND LEGION anthology on vinyl, the obvious step was to welcome the new album of Cardiac Noose “Girl Named Misery”.  This album is a step forward in the band's songwriting and the Noose are ready to hit the European underground for all those old fans of Lost Breed/Blind Legion but also to a new crowd who likes their Rock heavy and honest.
Twelve great songs of whiskey-drenched Southern Hard Rock! For fans of Blackfoot, Molly Hatchet and Nashville Pussy. 

Iron020: LAS BRUJAS-La Reencarnacion CD (split release with Metal Soldiers Records)


Late 80s Argentina Heavy Metal cult rarity reissued with bonus tracks! All female band that had the songs and the image to be one of the rulers of the Argentina Metal scene. Unfortunately they never get past this album. 
Iron019: BURNING STARR-Land of the Dead DOUBLE LP (split release with Metal Soldiers Records)


Jack Starr (ex-Virgin Steele) on guitar, Todd Hall (Riot, Harlet, Reverence) on vocals, Rhino (ex-Manowar/Holy Hell/etc.) on drums and Ned Meloni (Phantom Lord/Guardians of the Flame/etc.) on bass. Gatefold sleeve, multi-colored vinyl. 500 made.

Iron018: LEATHER SYNN-s/t 12"EP  (split release with Non Nobis Prod and Metal Soldiers Records)


Iron017: A TREE OF SIGNS-Salt 12"EP £7 (Limited to 500 copies - Split release with Raging Planet and Chaosphere)


The main twisted minds behind the Black Metal bands Corpus Christii and Mother Of The Hydra have combined forces. The result is a dark acid Doom with organ, strong bass lines and melodic female vocals entwined in a Alchemy Ritual.
For those into The River, Jex Thoth, Blood Ceremony or Black Hole.

Iron016: DAMMAJ-Mutiny LP (split release with Metal Soldiers Records) 


Legendary U.S. Power/Epic Metal album from 1986, originally released on the Roadrunner label, produced by Dan Johnson (SAVATAGE, DEATH) and engineered by Jim Morris (CRIMSON GLORY, NASTY SAVAGE)! DAMMAJ back in the day opened for such tremendous acts as Y&T, Motörhead, Nazareth, Saxon, etc., proving this California band also had such a great live performance potential. A must for any fan of early Manowar, Omen, Savatage and Griffin! Remastered from the original master tapes, including "The Astral Demo" from 1983, as bonus tracks and giant A2 colored poster-insert. Limited to 500 copies.

Iron015: INQUISITOR / VIRGIN KILLER-Speed Metal Soldiers SPLIT CD £4 (split release with Dead Center Prod.)


Inquisitor hails from Portugal and Virgin Killer from Colombia. Both deliver great raw Speed Metal the ancient way. Looking at both bands we believe we are in 1985 or 86 when many great Speed Metal records came out like Infernal Overkill, Malevolent Assault of Tomorrow, Hellish Crossfire, Vengeance of Hell, etc. Both bands deliver their debut demos recorded in 2010, so this split CD is a presentation card of two examples in different continents far away geographically but so close in terms of real Metal dedication! If you can't get enough of the first Iron Angel, early Destruction and Living Death, then welcome Inquisitor and Virgin Killer! (Inquisitor features one member from Ravensire and former Leather Synn)

Iron014: TAIST OF IRON-Resurrection LP (400 copies on black vinyl and 100 on yellow/black marble) Includes A2 Poster-Insert.

Iron013: WAR INJUN Tribal Eulogy CD £5


WAR INJUN are part of the Maryland Doom brotherhood of bands who ruled the Doom scene in the late 90s. The band started their career with a split Ep with Portugal Doom Metal band Dawnrider (released in 2005 by Blood & Iron). Originally these two songs were taken from a demo from 2003 that was recorded still with Dave Sherman on bass from Earthride/Spirit Caravan fame. Dave left to form Earthride and War Injun reappeared in 2005 and recorded this debut album that was shelved for several years while the band was on hiatus. Blood and Iron released this fine slab of Doom in 2011, just in time for the band restart activity. War Injun shares ex-members from Internal Void (J.D. - vocals) and Earthride (Kyle - guitar).   

Iron012: APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE / DAWNRIDER Split 12"EP Etched £7 (split release with Raging Planet + Metal Soldiers Records)


Exclusive tracks from both bands presented in a one-sided 12”. On the other side are the band logos are etched on the vinyl. Dawnrider formed back in 2005 in Lisbon/PT and were one of the first releases of Blood & Iron. At this stage the band is heavily into the dense sound of Vitus/Reverend Bizzarre as well as some Epic Metal 70s flavour via Manilla Road/Cirith Ungol. Apostle of Solitude is an American melodic Doom band that any fan of Revelation will rejoice.

Collectors Trivia: 500 copies made. Three different test sleeves exist in the B&I archives. 2 people more have 1 or 2 test sleeve copies too.

Iron011: SUBCAOS / GENITAL DEFORMITIES-Metalpünk Invasion Split 7"EP (split release with Your Poison Records)


500 copies of black vinyl.
100 copies split by 6 different vinyl colors/patterns with poster.

Iron010: MACH II s/t CD (split release with Outlaw Rec. + Maniacal Rec.)

(V/A-Buffalo Tribute)
Iron008: ANTHARES No Limite da Força LP

Iron007: CALVARIO Ixoye CD £4

First official reissue on CD of this classic Brazilian album of pure 'n' true epic Heavy doom Metal (considered the first ever Christian Metal album recorded in Brazil) evoking the spirits of Cirith Ungol, Dark Quarterer and Omen! Recorded back in 1993, but sounding totally 80's, this is a lost treasure from the underground now made available again! Remastered with 3 bonus tracks, plus one video clip, this is a mandatory cult Metal release!

Iron006: SACRILEGE Behind the Realms of Madness LP (25th Anniversary Edition)


500 copies grey/black marble. The first 50 copies are hand-numbered with poster and embroidered anniversary patch.
200 copies Red Vinyl mispress sold with normal cover (very first few) and no spine cover with card insert similar to cover stating "Red vinyl mispress very limited edition".
On the mispress plays a Death Sentence song, accidentally replacing "Dig your own Grave", taken from the same compilation where the Sacrilege bonus songs were selected.

Iron005: BLIND LEGION The Lost Tapes CD

Iron004: LIFE BEYOND Ancient Worlds CD £6


At last, the long awaited reissue of the LIFE BEYOND "Ancient Worlds" EP released back in 2000. All songs were remastered, also included as bonus, one exclusive compilation track and five songs recorded live (two of them never recorded completely exclusive of this edition). Comes in exclusive new artwork (6 page booklet with photos and lyrics), limited to 500 copies only!
The band formed after the demise of Maryland Thrash icons INDESTROY by members Danny Kenyon and Gus Basilika, joining Louis Strachan (currently with Doom gods IRON MAN) to complete the power-trio in 1999. Gus was also the drummer of the cult-Psychedelic Doom Rock band WRETCHED where Dave Sherman (EARTHRIDE/ex-SPIRIT CARAVAN/ex-WAR INJUN) used to sing.
LIFE BEYOND delivers a powerful heavy groove with a retro 70s styled riff-rock vibe all wrapped up with a touch of Doom. Positive persuasive lyrics and a heightened spirituality, separates this band from many of the genre. Inspiring melodies and rhythms take your mind on a musical journey. The methodic, precise arrangements make an unmistakable LIFE BEYOND sound.
LIFE BEYOND are Maryland Doom/Rock underground legends, besides the band hiatus, their legacy maintains cult among fans of Heavy Rock and Doom Metal just like other great bands from the same area like Wretched, Unorthodox and Asylum.

Iron003: BLACKSUNRISE-Smashed Rose 7" £2

Portuguese Death/Thrash/HC. This was supposed to be a tour 7" to be sold in Spain mainly, but the tour never happened because band lost the singer and took a long time to find a new one. Not the typical B&I release, this was done to support a young Portuguese band.

Collectors trivia: 
525 copies made. Some copies came numbered some didnt.
Iron002: DAWNRIDER / WAR INJUN Split 7" EP


Collectors trivia:
617 copies pressed: 27 copies with black and white sleeve, 20 with dark blue sleeve. The remaining 570 copies in lighter blue sleeve. Unique test cover copy in the Blood & iron archives.

Iron001 PLACE OF SKULLS Love Through Blood 10" EP