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AME SON-Catalyse LP 16 (French Prog)

BANG-s/t LP 15 (U.S. Heavy Rock/Proto-Doom)

BANG-Mother/Bow to the King LP 16 (U.S. Heavy Rock)

BOKAJ RETSIEM-Psychedelic Underground LP 14 (Kraut Rock - Psych)

BUMP-s/t LP 14 (U.S. Hard Psych)

DEEP PURPLE-Live at BBC 1969 & London 22 Feb. 1972 LP 14

ENERGY-s/t LP 14 (74 Swedish Prog/Fusion)

GENESIS-The Magic of Time -early sessions 67-68- LP 15 (UK Psych)

HIGH TIDE-Ice Age (rare tracks 69-70) LP 15 (Hard Prog/Psych)

HILLOW HAMMETT-Hammer LP 14 (U.S. Hard Psych)

LIGHT YEAR-Reveal the Fantastic LP 16 (U.S. Prog/Fusion Rock)

NEIL MERRYWEATHER-Kryptonite LP 15 (U.S. Hard Psych/Glam)

RANDY HOLDEN-s/t LP 15 (Blue Cheer guitar player - Heavy Psych/proto-Doom)

SKIN ALLEY-Stop Veruschka LP 15 (UK Prog/Experimental)

TEAR GAS-s/t LP 15 (UK Heavy Rock)

THE BLUES RIGHT OFF-Our Bluesbag LP 16 (Italian Progressive Blues)

THE GHOST-When you're Dead - One Second LP 15 (UK Prog/Psych)

THE NORMAN HAINES BAND-Den of Iniquity LP 15 (UK Heavy Prog)

VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR-Visions - Radio and TV sessions (June 1971-March 1972) LP color 15 (UK Prog)

VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR-After the Flood - The early sessions (November 1967-October 1970) LP color 15

WISHBONE ASH-First Lights (April 1970-May 1971 Studio Sessions) LP color 15 (UK Hard/Progressive Blues)

ATLANTIDE-Francesco Ti Ricordi LP 15 (Italian Heavy Prog)

THE NEXT MORNING-s/t LP 16 (U.S. Hard/Funk Psych)

IRISH COFFEE-s/t LP 17 (Belgian Hard Prog)

PUGSLEY MUNION-Just Like You LP 17 eur (U.S. Hard Blues/Psych)

HIGH SPEED & AFFLICTED MAN-get stoned ezy LP 17 (80's Hard Psych/Punk)

DUFFY-Just in Case You're Interested LP 15 (UK Hard Psych/Prog)

ALKANA-Welcome to my Paradise LP 16 (U.S. Hard Prog/Pomp)

SAGA-s/t LP 16 (Post-November - Swedish Heavy Prog/Folk Rock)

CRYSTAL HAZE-s/t LP 16 (U.S. Hard Psych)

BEDLAM-Demos Anthology 1968-70 LP 14 (feat. Cozy Powell - UK Hard Psych)

ALPHA CENTAURI-s/t LP 16 (U.S./Canada Hard Prog/Pomp)

JERICHO-s/t LP 14 (Israel Heavy Prog/Proto-Metal)

JANUS-Al Maestrale LP 16 (Italian Prog)

BOA-Wrong Road LP 14 (U.S. Psych/Prog)

TONGUE-Keep on Truckin' with Tongue LP 14 (U.S. Psych/Blues Rock)

IT'S ALL MEAT-s/t LP 16 (Canadian Psych Rock)

BULBOUS CREATION-You Won't Remember Dying LP 15 (U.S. Hard Psych Blues)

DRYEWATER-Southpaw LP 15 (U.S. Hard Psych)

YOUNG FLOWERS-Blomsterpistolen LP 14 (Swedish Hard Psych Blues)


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