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IRON047: CENTURION-Cross and Black CD £12

For the first time on CD, we present the 30th anniversary edition of this cult U.S. Metal album!  Centurion were the brainchild of Cleveland Metal legend Dave Felton (Mushroomhead, Integrity, etc.) and they only released this lone album privately pressed back in 1987. This CD edition includes band history, rare pictures, lyrics and the two exclusive bonus tracks from the rare compilations Northcoast Steel and Convicted to the Avant Garde.



Released for the very first time on CD, this American Hard Prog Rock rare LP finally sees the light of day! WHITE WING were the band pre-ASIA (U.S.), formed by the multi-talented Mike Coates. This reissue was carefully remastered by himself and will fill the gap in many 70s Prog and Hard Rock collections. Released originally in 1976, we can already see the band into the musical territory that ASIA explored specially on the first album.  

Features a 12-page booklet with archive photos, lyrics and band history. 

(BIO by Mike Coates):

Lead vocalist/bassist Mike English and I had long been members of a Rapid City art rock band called WhiteWing (1968-1976) and had recorded an eponymously titled album with a Minneapolis- based record company called ASI in 1975. ASI released a single entitled, "Hansa," off that album, which received spotty national and international airplay and made the BILLBOARD Top Singles Picks list. Album sales were weak, however, because distribution to the hundreds of small Midwestern towns we typically toured were very poor and difficult to coordinate with airplay. ASI also chose rather foolishly to promote us as "the next Moody Blues," when, in fact, we were much heavier, much to the surprise of many promoters, booking agents, and club owners. After considerable album promotion touring and countless radio interviews, ASI chose not to pick up the contract option for our second album (which was fully composed and in demo form) primarily because they were in the midst of a belt-tightening stage after the mid-Seventies recession. However, company president, Dan Holmes (left), who had produced our album, strongly encouraged me to release the WhiteWing rhythm section, hire guest vocalist Larry Galbraith (from another Rapid City band called FREE FLITE), and to stay in close contact with ASI for future recording projects. I took his advice and made those hard decisions, although leaving WhiteWing and my old friends was very painful and I questioned that move and my motives for many years to come. Those same ex-band members were reluctant to sell the WhiteWing name (which was a corporate holding), so Mike, Larry, manager Mike Chambers, and I set out to form a totally new band and image. After a series of auditions we landed Nebraska- based drummer John Haynes and the new line-up was complete. Larry coined the name ASIA, and, because we all loved the mystical, exotic and expansive implications, the name stuck. 

File under: Prog, Hard Rock, Pomp, AOR, Rush, Kansas, Styx, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Yes. 


IRON046: TYRANT-King of Kings (20th Anniversary Edition) CD+DVD £14

Classic U.S. Power Metal band TYRANT, that were a household name on the Metal Blade label in the 80s, along with Slayer, Trouble, etc. released later on in the mid 90s a new album in a german label called King of Kings. A few years back, it was reissued on CD with live bonus tracks and on vinyl with different cover art. Now Blood & Iron releases the ultimate reissue with a bonus DVD. For the first time the cover art was done like the band originally intended. Included were 5 bonus tracks (Dio, Motorhead, Sabbath etc. cover versions) recorded in the 90s and a DVD including a TV show in a cable TV in 1990 plus two bootleg recorded shows in 1985 (opening for Slayer) and 1992. On this third album the band matures to a more Doom influenced sound where the Sabbath influence is more evident and could match perfectly with the sound of ex-labelmates Trouble. 


IRON041: FORCE-Discography 1981-1984 CD £10 (co-release with Lost Realm Records) 

80s female fronted Heavy Rock/Doom Metal with Al Morris III (of Iron Man fame) on guitar. Force were formed in 1977 and their debut self-titled EP was released in 1981. The band later called themselves Cheri Blade for a short period until disbanded in 1984. This anthology includes all the demos of Cheri Blade and Force, plus the EP. These demos were released in the early 90s on vinyl in a small Maryland label. None of these recordings were ever released on CD, so this is the first time its happening, under close supervision of Mr. Alfred Morris III, the true grandfather of Maryland Doom! Includes booklet with Al Morris liner notes, lyrics and vinyl artwork. 


IRON044: RAVEN BLACK NIGHT-Metal Martyrs - Anthology 2000-2009 DOUBLE CD £14

RAVEN BLACK NIGHT are not anymore the best kept Metal secret from Australia, after the second album was released in the best Metal label in the planet (Metal Blade). They're simply one of the best Metal bands coming out of their territory…past, present and probably future too! 

Their formula revolves around Epic Heavy Metal, Doom and 70's Priest. This double CD collection presents their pre-Metal Blade days: the debut self-released album in 2004 "Choose the Dark", two compilation tracks, one unreleased song from the "Barbarian Winter" and on the second CD their demo collection from 2000 to 2009. Presented in a 20-page booklet filled with photos, lyrics and band artwork (including the original cover art of Choose the Dark on the last booklet page for the purists) and demos remastered for better sound quality, this release is another winner in the Blood & Iron catalogue. 


IRON045: TYTAN-Rough Justice LP PACK (Limited edition to 100 copies)

(LP replica + DVD in cardboard cover + Cassette with BBC bonus tracks + Poster/insert packed in a tote bag with silver TYTAN logo) £30 each

(+ 200 copies of the LP only -Regular Version-) SOLD OUT!

DESOLATION ANGELS "Sweeter the Meat" MINI LP White Label TEST PRESSING Limited to only 10 HAND NUMBERED COPIES! Paste-on Cover with different artwork/layout. £30 each copy. Last 2 copies!


Grey Marble/Speckled Vinyl handnumbered to 8 copies in the label. Includes A3 Poster, 50x50cm Cloth-Poster and cassette with 2 rare songs from an 84 demo. Price for each copy: £25 (only 3 available)

White with Grey speckles Vinyl handnumbered to 8 copies in the label. Includes A3 Poster and cassette with 2 rare songs from an 84 demo. Price for each copy: £18 (5 available)