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IRON039: CARRION-Evil is There Demo LP £12 Limited edition hand-numbered to 250 copies (co-release with Weird Face Prods. and Kill Yourself Prods.)

Cult Thrash Metal from Switzerland, this demo was recorded one year before the album "Evil is There" (released in 1986), expect raw deadly aggression even more lethal than the album! This studio demo of 10 songs and one intro contains 4 non-LP tracks and we also included a second version of "Carrion" (one of the non lp tracks), an album rough mix from 86. Carrion has a lot of similarities with some of the best German Thrash bands of the era, specially Kreator. How can a band sound so similar to the Pleasure to Kill album without copying Kreator (these songs were recorded before PTK came out) it seems a case of like minded twisted maniacs with a mission to deliver the most vicious Thrash heard from that period. Hand-numbered to 250 copies. 

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IRON038: TYTAN-Rough Justice (30th Anniversary Edition) CD+DVD £13

With BBC bonus tracks and DVD with a full live set in 1982, pro shot multicam recording.

Formed in 1981 by ex-ANGEL WITCH members Kevin Riddles and Dave Dufort, they had among their line up, other notable musicians like Kal Swan (future Lion singer), Les Binks (ex-Judas Priest/Lionheart) and Simon Wright (ex-AC/DC/Dio). Due to the Kamaflage bankrupcy, TYTAN found themselves without label and it was too late when finally "Rough Justice" was released on another label (called Metal Masters) after three years of the single "Blind Men and Fools" causing a big impression among the British Metal fans and press. The band by this time was finished and Kal was on the States with Kevin giving the first steps as Lion. This album is highly regarded as one of the best 80s British Heavy Metal LPs, recorded in the tail end of the NWOBHM. A classic and timeless album of fine songwriting from the golden era of British Steel. 

This 30th Anniversary reissue presents for the first time on CD the album lyrics, plus band photos from the era through a 20-page booklet. Like the 2006 limited reissue, includes the BBC Session "Friday Rock Show" from March 1982 bonus tracks and a bonus DVD with a full show in London, 1982 recorded on pro-multicam. Like most of our releases, it is limited to 500 copies.   


IRON037: AXEL-Visions of Tomorrow (89/90 Demo & Unreleased) CD £9  

(co-release with Lost Realm)

Part 2 of the Axel biography:

"As the original Axel band fell apart in 1987, guitarist and the only remaining original member Stefaan Lambrecht formed a new “Axel”. At the end of ’87 the band consisted of singer Chris De Grom, drummer Franky Vandenbergh, bassplayer Dominique De Vos, guitarists Frank Deroubaix and Stefaan Lambrecht. This new version of Axel had a more heavy direction and was very energetic on stage. In ’88 the band proved to be still alive and kickin’ and built a strong live reputation. New material was being written all the time, so Axel was anxious to record these songs in the studio. But not before a new member came into the band.

At the end of ’88 drummer Franky Vandenbergh left the band and was replaced by the then 17 year old Peter De Bosschere. 

With the help of producer Steef Verwee, six song were recorded in February 1989 for the demo tape “Visions Of Tomorrow”. The tape was well received and a small tour through Belgium and Holland followed. But it became clear that not everyone in the band was happy with the musical direction at the time. The last original member Stefaan left the band as the rest of the band wanted to go on. As a quartet the band went into the studio to record a full album with producer Steef Verwee, the songs were there but it was not quite clear under what name.

By then it was the beginning of 1990, the band did a few gigs as “Axel” and went looking for a record company but no deal was ever signed. After some time the stamina and ardour was out of the band and with no one left from the original band it was decided to pull the plug and call it a day. Later it was agreed that Frank Deroubaix could use some of the unreleased Axel recordings for the “Shannah” project but that’s another story…"

Presented in a 12-page booklet with lyrics and rare pictures, this CD represents the later stage of Axel from the 1989 Demo "Visions of Tomorrow" plus the unreleased 1990 album.


IRON036: AXEL-The Savage Axe Demos 83-86 DOUBLE CD £12

(co-release with Lost Realm) 

Axel biography…how it all started:

"Inspired by their idols Kiss, two childhood friends Stefaan Lambrecht (guitar / vocals) and Ben Smeesters (guitar / leadvocals) form the Belgian band Axel. A bunch of songs were written by Stefaan and Ben before drummer Filip Zahirovic and bassplayer Frank Jacobs joined the band.

The first gig in 1982 didn’t pass unnoticed, on a local festival they were proclaimed to be the loudest band. The first recordings happened with two new musicians. Lead guitarist Benny Bulté and bassplayer Wim Neirinck joined Axel and the first demo “Attack I” was a fact. March 1984 founding member Ben Smeesters left the band because of personal reasons. A new singer, Jerry Vanschelvergem, came in to record the second demo “Effort II”. In 1985 the song “Money” appeared on the compilation album “Speed Metal Hell” by the American record label New Renaissance and was followed by the new demo “We Won’t Give Up”. In the same year yet another song, “Sweet Burning Angel”, appeared on the compilation EP “Metal Power V” on the Dutch Iceman label. The band got very well known in Belgium and Holland through a lot of shows in clubs and local festivals. Unfortunately the singer got some difficulties with his vocal chords by the intensity of gigs, so he had to leave in the summer of 1986. He got replaced by the new lead singer Denis Nagels, this man had a very powerful voice and this led to a more Heavy Metal style of music. In November 1986 they went into a professional studio in Brussels to record 5 new songs (the renowned “24-track” demo). A new musical highlight for Axel that gave them the opportunity for a record deal but the band did split up and no album has ever been released."

Presented in a 12-page booklet with some lyrics, rare pictures and memorabilia, this double CDs compiles all the demos of the first era of the band from the rawer Hard Rock from the first demo to the much refined Heavy Metal in the vein of Ostrogoth of their 86 Demo. A true testimony of the golden era of Belgian Steel!


LMC03: WILD SHADOW-Bound to be Free - Demos Anthology 86-92 CD (Limited edition of 300 copies) £7

From Lisbon came Wild Shadow. The band was formed by three friends in the beginning of 1985: Paulo "Grande" drums, Aquiles "Quinito" rhythm guitar and José Gomes vocals. None of them learned to play with anyone... it was all by ear. Many bass and solo guitar players went through the line-up and many rehearsal rooms have been tried from Praça do Chile/ Penha de França to rooms in Olivais. In 1986 Paulo joins as bass player. In late 1986 with a stable line up and a regular rehearsal room/ studio (Hipolab) in Paço de Arcos, the quartet recorded their first demo tape, in just 4 tracks. The sound engineer was Paulo Godinho. However the sound was poor. The demo contained tracks as "Fight For Your Life", "Before The End", "Wild Shadow". The band continued to rehearse in this room/ studio and with this line-up. In late 1987 came to the group Lafayette as lead guitarFinally in 1988, in the same rehearsal room/ studio, same sound engineer, with these line up Paulo, Aquiles, Zé, Paulo and Lafayette a 2nd demo was recorded. "Restless Run", "The Hope/ Sweet Desire", "New Order Merchants" and "Bound To Be Free" were part of the demo. These two demos were sent to only two or three publishers, but the band never got any response. They never sent to any zine and might have been made three or four recordings for close friends. Also they did a radio interview in 1988, at a Metal radio show in a pirate radio, Lisbon area. The problems in the band were diverse and in 1990 Zé Gomes leaves, almost one month before their 1st live performance, that would be at the Rock Rendez Vous on February 18th, opening for Alkateya. Zé Gomes as he was very friendly of João Henrique (ex-STS PARANOID) asked him to sing in is place. João did what he could do to learn the lyrics in three or four rehearsals and putting his own melodies, improving to an heavier and also melodic sound. That same gig would be the last metallic session at the Rock Rendez Vous. After João Henrique leavingbassist Paulo also abandoned the group. They were replaced by Gabriel "Gabi" vocals and Fernando bass. A 3rd demo was recorded in late 1991/early 92, with the five elements in a 24-track studio. The tracks were "Shadow Of Death", "Winds Of Freedom", "Bound To Be Free" and "Victim Of Society". The demo was sent to several publishers but again no response. João Carlos replaces Lafayette and they play for the last time at a band contest in Graça, Lisbon. At the end of the contest, the unexpected happened, the band was disqualified for excessive ages. They decided to end in late 1993.

This third volume of the L.M.C. collection, compiles all the demos and the live songs recorded in 1990 with STS Paranoid singer João Henrique. Presented in a 16 page booklet with many rare photos and detailed band history plus lyrics, this is an absolute testimony of a great unknown band from Portugal who emulated their influences mainly from 80's U.S. Power Metal bands like Jag Panzer, Helstar and Metal Church. Remastered by Mario Rodrigues (ex-Unsilent/KarbonSoul/Projekt Noir).


IRON033: LOST BREED-World of Power - The Lost 1989 Album CD £9

Eric "Ike" Baestlein, the mainman behind Blind Legion,  Lost Breed and Cardiac Noose, dug deep on his personal vault and discovered this precious gem for all the old school Doom fans! After Wino left the band in 1989 and Gary Tocco (Blind Legion singer) joined briefly the band, they recorded songs for the Desert Fox/No Hope single plus some more songs that would be for the supposed first Lost Breed album. The tape was shelved and forgotten after they found a permanent singer and got a deal with Hellhound Records in 1993 for their first album "The Evil Between you and me".  These 12 songs include not only the 1989 self released 7" songs but the Wino Daze demo songs with different lyrics sung by Tocco, except two of them by another singer who was with the band for a short time only.

 Some of these songs were later reworked with different lyrics for the debut Hellhound album. Needless to say, this is the best period of the band and a must-have in any decent Doom Metal collection! Presented in a 16 page booklet with many rare photos and detailed band history from that early period.

BLOOD & IRON RECORDS Proudly Presents…

the PROG-AOR Series!

PROGAOR01: ASIA-Armed to the Teeth/s/t CD £10

Out of Rapid City in South Dakota, from the ashes of the defunct band Whitewing (one very rare album much desired in Prog collectors circles), came ASIA, which recorded two independently released albums in 1979 and 1980 respectivelly. The band gained some momentum for a while, opening for major acts like Nazareth, Ted Nugent, Kiss, Molly Hatchet, etc. Unfortunatelly the demise of Asia came with the dellusion of legal battles for the name with the British Pop-AOR Asia. The band legacy these days relies mostly on their cult masterpiece "Armed to the Teeth", released in 1980. An album that predates the Epic Progressive Metal genre later pursued by bands like Warlord and Dark Quarterer, but also pleases any Pomp/AOR/Prog Rock fan. 

The only Asia CD release dates back from 1995 on the Wild Places label, but since the CD edition is very sought after now, we decided to team up with band leader Mike Coates and repackage again the two albums on one CD, but this time with an even bigger booklet of 32 pages, where the full band history is presented, as well as the projects pre and post Asia, rare pictures and the lyrics to both albums. 

Blood & Iron proudly presents the first release of our PROGAOR Series, and none better than the American Asia to celebrate it!

File under: Epic Progressive Heavy Rock, Pomp, AOR, Rush, Kansas, Uriah Heep, Captain Beyond, Legend (U.S.), Warlord.  

DESOLATION ANGELS "Sweeter the Meat" MINI LP White Label TEST PRESSING Limited to only 10 HAND NUMBERED COPIES! Paste-on Cover with different artwork/layout. ONLY 5 AVAILABLE FOR SALE! £30 each copy.


Grey Marble/Splatter Vinyl handnumbered to 8 copies in the label. Includes A3 Poster, 50x50cm Cloth-Poster and cassette with 2 rare songs from an 84 demo. Price for each copy: £25

White with Dark Marble marks Vinyl handnumbered to 8 copies in the label. Includes A3 Poster and cassette with 2 rare songs from an 84 demo. Price for each copy: £20