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Iron023: CROWHAVEN-Emotional Adjustment LP 15 £ (Split Release with Metal Soldiers)

1986 cult private press mega rarity of U.S. Steel finally on vinyl! Presented in it's original sleeve, remastered with one bonus track, this is an essential arcane gem for fans of Legend, Dark Starr, Angel of Mercy, etc. Like the original, this press is only limited to 300 copies! Includes full color insert plus original xerox-insert repro.

Iron027: HARLET-25 gets a Ride LP 15 £

U.S. Power Metal led by Todd Michael Hall (Burning Starr/Riot). Ultra rare private CD release from 1988, now remastered with the 1990 demo as bonus for the first time on vinyl! A must for fans of Crimson Glory, Helstar and Lizzy Borden. Includes full color insert and promo photo. Limited to 300 copies.




AXECUTER-Innocence is our Excuse 7" 6 (Brazil Power/Speed)

BLACK HOLE-Living Mask LP 14 (80s Italian Gothic/Doom - demos of the never released second album) 

BLACK SABBATH-Forbidden LP 14 (Euro Repress Ltd. 500)

BULLDOZER-Neurodeliri LP 15
BULLDOZER-Neurodelliri LP color 16

CARONTE-Ghost Owl 12?EP 13 (Italian Doom - Ltd. 250)

DAWNRIDER/HOOKERS-Serpents Guile/Tonight... 7"EP Black Vinyl Ltd. 150 Copies 7 (Portugal Doom Metal vs. U.S. Metalpunk - exclusive tracks)
DAWNRIDER/HOOKERS- 7"EP Blue Vinyl Ltd. 150 Copies 7
DAWNRIDER/APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE-Split 12" Etched Disc 12 (Portugal Doom vs U.S. Doom)

FALLOUT-Rock Hard 7" Red Vinyl Ltd. 125 Copies 10 (pre-Carnivore/Type O Negative - Horror Metal gem in the vein of early Death SS, Sorcery, etc.) 
FALLOUT-Rock Hard 7" Light Blue Vinyl Ltd. 60 Copies 12
FALLOUT-Rock Hard 7" Mongrel Green Vinyl Ltd. 55 Copies 12
FALLOUT-Rock Hard 7" Tropical Green Marble Vinyl Ltd. 27 Copies 15
FALLOUT-Rock Hard 7" Dark Blue Vinyl Ltd. 27 Copies 15
FALLOUT-Rock Hard 7" Dark Burgundy Vinyl Ltd. 18 Copies 20

HELLWITCH-Syzigial Miscreancy DOUBLE LP 22 (Swiss 80s Thrash - includes the demos)

HOLY MARTYR-Hellenic Warrior Spirit LP 14 (Italian Epic Metal)

HOUR OF 13-s/t LP 15
HOUR OF 13-The Ritualist LP 15
HOUR OF 13-333 LP 15

I COMPAGNI DI BAAL-s/t LP 14 (Italian Doom for fans of Paul Chain, Run After To, etc.)

INSULTERS-We are the Plague LP 13 (Spanish Black Thrash)

JAG PANZER-Casting the Stones LP Clear Vinyl 15

L'IMPERO DELLE OMBRE/BUD TRIBE-Corvi Neri/Warrior Creed Split MINI LP 14 (Italian Horror Metal vs Heavy Metal ? Bud Tribe has ex-Strana Officina & Sabotage members - Ltd. 250)

LEATHER SYNN-s/t 12"EP 12 (Portugal Heavy Metal influenced by 80?s U.S./Canadian Metal like Ruthless, Thor, Medieval Steel, etc.)

LETHAL AGGRESSION-Life is Hard... LP 14 (U.S. 80s Thrash/Crossover)

LETHAL SAINT-Saint Strikes Back 7" w/Guitar Pick + Sticker + Fully Signed 8,5 (Greek traditional Power Metal)

MARTELO NEGRO-Equinocio Espectral LP 14 (Portugal Black Thrash, total Celtic Frost/Bathory worship)

METALLICA (with KING DIAMOND)-Ozzfest 2008 - Mercyful Fate medley 7"EP Caramel Brown Vinyl Ltd. 100 copies 10 
METALLICA (with KING DIAMOND)-Ozzfest 2008 - Mercyful Fate medley 7"EP Red Vinyl Ltd. 50 copies 12 

NIGHTSHIFT-Winter Within LP 14 (Portugal Metalpunk for fans of GISM, Gastunk, Midnight)

OUTRAGE-1985 Demo(n)s LP 15 (80s German Black Thrash)

PAUL CHAIN-Mirror DOUBLE LP Deluxe gatefold with mirror foil 25 (Singles and comp. tracks)

PROCESS OF GUILT-Faemin LP 15 (Portugal Death-Doom/Sludge)

RATOS DE PORAO-No Money no English DOUBLE LP 22 (Rare tracks)

REVEREND BIZARRE-Harbinger of Metal DOUBLE LP Deluxe embossed sleeve with booklet 25

SACRILEGE-Demon Woman LP w/Booklet 15 (80s Italian Horror Doom with Black Hole members. A must for fans of early Death SS and The Black)

SKINFLINT-Gauna 7"EP 6 (Botswana Heavy/Thrash Metal)

SOLITUDE AETURNUS-Through the Darkest Hour LP 15

TARANTULA-Kingdom of Lusitania LP 18 (Portugal hyper rare Power Metal gem from 1990 now reissued)

THE RIVER-Drawing Down the Sun LP 15

THRUSTER-M.I.A. LP 14 (80s U.S. Power/Thrash)

VINUM SABBATUM-Songs from the Convent LP 15
VINUM SABBATUM-Bacchanale Premiere LP 15

XASTHUR-To Violate the Oblivious DOUBLE LP 22 (bonus tracks) 


BLACK HOLE-Living Mask CD 10 (80s Italian Gothic/Doom - demos of unreleased second album) 

BLIND GUARDIAN-A Voice in the Dark CD-EP 5
(includes 2 exclusive tracks)

BROKEN GLAZZ-Divine CD 10 (80s Italian Power/Thrash - bonus tracks)
BROKEN GLAZZ-Withdraw from Reality CD 10 (bonus tracks)

BULLDOZER-The Exorcism: Lost 1984 Demotape + Fallen Angel EP CD Digipack 10


DEATHRAGE-Self Conditioned... CD 10 (80s Italian Thrash - bonus tracks)
DEATHRAGE-Down in the Depth of Sickness CD 10 (bonus tracks)

FILII NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIUM-Pornokrates: Deo Gratias CD foldout-cross Digipack 10 (Portugal Black Thrash - bonus tracks from the 2 vinyl EPs)

FIRE STRIKE-Lion and Tiger MINI CD 7 (Brazilian Heavy/Speed Metal with female vocals)

HUNDRED-The Forest Kingdom Part One MINI CD 6 (UK Epic Metal)

I COMPAGNI DI BAAL-s/t CD 10 (Italian Doom)

MONDOCANE (Necrodeath + Schizo)-Project One CD Digipack 10

ORQUIDEA NEGRA-Blood of the Gods CD 10 (Brazilian 90s Power Metal - bonus tracks)

PALE DIVINE-Crimson Tears CD 10 (U.S. 90s Doom)
PALE DIVINE-Painted Windows Black CD 10

PENDEMIA-Narcotic Religion CD 10 (80s UK Thrash - bonus tracks)

REVEREND BIZARRE-In the Rectory + Return to the Rectory DOUBLE CD 13

SACRILEGE-Reaping the Demo(n)s DOUBLE CD 13 (80s UK Thrash/Metalpunk/Doom - Demos 84-86 + Studio Outtakes 87 + Live 86)

SEPULTURA-Schizophrenia CD 8 (bonus tracks)

TOBRUK-Wild on the Run CD 8

TOLEDO STEEL-s/t CD-EP 4 (UK Heavy/Power Metal)

UNREAL TERROR-Hard Incursion CD 10 (80s Italian Speed Metal - bonus tracks)

WEHRMACHT-Biermacht CD Digipack 10 (bonus tracks)

WOLF-The Black Flame CD 8 (Swedish Heavy Metal)

WRETCHED-Black Ambience CD-EP 5 (90s Maryland Doom)

ZIONS ABYSS-Tales CD 10 (Canadian 1990 Prog/Power)

EXCLUSIVO CLIENTES PORTUGUESES: Os precos que estao em Libras ficam em euros. Podem pagar em euros como de costume por transferencia bancaria ou paypal.
PORTES: variam de 6 euros (1 LP ou 3 CDs) ate 17 euros (2 Kg). Para encomendas maiores temos o preco especial de 25 euros onde podemos mandar material desde 3 ate 10 quilos.

Still Hot!

Iron025: LOST BREED-Bow Down CD 10 £

Unreleased recordings from this Californian Doom/Heavy Rock cult band of the late 80s with ex-Blind Legion members. Recorded between 1995 and 2000, this was supposed to be their third album. This is along with their debut from 1993, their best material! 17 tracks in total. 

LMC02: VALIUM-Pesadelo Real: Anthology 1986-89 10 £

LUSITANIAN METAL CLASSIX SERIES: Welcome to our second release of Lusitanian Metal Classix, made up by the Portuguese labels Blood & Iron and Metal Soldiers, which in the first release (V12) teamed up with Guardians of Metal, but now replaced by the revamped 90's label Non-Nobis Productions. Our aim is to bring to the collectors Heavy Metal market the unknown glories of Portuguese Metal from the 80's decade and also the worthwile traditional Metal done in the  90's.
Portuguese band Valium formed back in 1982 and are surelly one of the many lost Portuguese 80's Metal treasures. They recorded their first demos in 1986, where at the time they had a strong and dark Heavy Metal influence refined by bands such as Manowar, Iron Maiden and Mercyful Fate. By 1988, they became more influenced by the American Melodic Metal scene when they changed name to Casablanca and under that name they recorded 3 albums from 1990 to 1999, another in 2002 and a 7" in 1993. A few years later, they disbanded. This band is considered among the true Metal fans in Portugal, heroes of the underground, spending three decades against the grain, ignoring trends and making pure Heavy Metal music. The core members are the three inseparable brothers Joao, Jose and Jorge Figueira, who formed the band back in 1982 and still are Hard Rock/Metal fans to the present day. 
Remastered edition with thick booklet full of rare photos, memorabilia, biography and lyrics.
Enter Valium: one the the best 80's Heavy Metal bands from Portugal!